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If you want to make your child's party a HUGE HIT this year but you are not quite sure what will work well for a group of children, congratulations, you've landed at the right web site. The show is very family friendly; even if you're planning on inviting fifty children, Howie can entertain them all. Even the adults at the party will be entertained.

I am a full time professional children's entertainer who specializes in making children's parties successful. My AMAZING MAGIC SHOWS for children are high-energy performances with lots of audience participation and interaction!

I am licensed as a legitimate business and carry business liability insurance. I have passed current Federal and California State Background checks and you are welcome to call me for additional information.

Three Amazing Shows

The Alpha Show


A polished presentation that has been successful and entertaining to children of all ages, includes proven performance tricks, illusions and surprises.

The Beta Show


This show is very entertaining with lots of new tricks and is as much fun as the Alpha show. This show will feature the new tricks I have acquired and may not be as sophisticated as the Alpha show. It is a perfect choice for children up to the ages of eight.

All shows end with a trick that will produce a live rabbit which is always a highlight of any children's show Howie performs. The birthday child is the first to pet the rabbit and then all the guests will sit on the floor and share petting the rabbit. To keep the rabbit magical please don't reveal the rabbit appearing with your child, it will make the rabbit more exciting if this is a surprise.

The show will end with every magician's assistant receiving a personalized assistant certificate and an assistant class graduating class picture, complete with caps and gowns. Howie supplies the caps and Gowns. All parents at the party act as the photographers and can take class pictures, single pictures, or have the child photographed with the bunny.

Parents are welcome to take as many photos as they want; this is a great keepsake of the party.

The Delta Show

Howie really enjoys performing for kids, and the price of this show gives all children the opportunity of a fun party. The Delta show is specifically designed for an economically challenged household. Howie sets aside a portion of the fees from the Alpha and the Beta shows to assist in financing the Delta show, and the Delta show fee is based on a sliding scale that the child's family will be able to afford.

If you truly feel you fall into this category and are in fact not able to afford the Beta show, please email Howie at . Howie will call you on the telephone and discuss the circumstances, the budget, his availability, and the type of show he can provide. As with every other magic show Howie performs, the show will end with a trick that will produce a live rabbit that the children will be allowed to pet.

Conditions apply:

Committing to perform at your party depends on the other magical events booked that day, the time of your child's party and the location.

As with any performance Howie schedules, the appearance at your event will depend on Howie being able to complete the earlier commitments, travel to your location in time, perform a fun and non rushed routine allowing time to pet the rabbit and finish the show in a professional manner and then allow time for Howie to move on to the next event without overbooking the day.

The Delta show cannot be booked before the week of the child's party.

The full cost of the agreed upon amount must be paid in advance by credit, or debit card.

The Adopt A Rabbit Program

Parents, check out the *Adopt A Rabbit, it is an option to the routine that only Howie is now offering.

*Adopt A Rabbit option is an extra charge, click on Adopt A Rabbit for additional information on this exciting program.

Book the show now

Email me at before leaving this web site and secure this low introductory price and you can also deduct a $50.00 fast booking fee from the Beta Show*.

Howie Didit is in compliance with all Animal Welfare Act (AWA) standards and regulations and has been issued the required permits by the United States Department of Agriculture to conduct activities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act and has been authorized by the USDA to use live animals in his performances. The rabbits used in the routines undergo yearly physicals by a Licensed Veterinarian in addition to USDA annual inspections. No animals are ever harmed in the stage performances; tricks are always preformed with regard to the rabbit's comfort and safety.

*If the date is booked now, the discount can be applied to any show performed before December 20, 2013

Howie Didit, Children's Magician serving fresh entertainment everywhere in California