The Howie Didit School of Magic: The children's magic party where Howie Didit performs the tricks and then teaches the kids "Howie Didit".

Children love magic but they really love learning magic tricks; in the magic class Howie will teach age appropriate tricks to insure successful completion of the trick; the child gets to take all the tricks home to perform them for friends, family and relatives.

More than just a magic show at a party, Howie Didit's Magic Show And Magic Class gets kids interested in magic; they acquire a new skill that will enhance their personality. Performing magic will build confidence and encourage interacting with people. The magic class tricks will have the child magically fooling their family and friends in almost no time at all.

Howie begins a birthday party by presenting a 30 minute fun magic show that includes audience participation and lots of interaction to entertain, engage and interest the kids in magic. Once the kids are amazed, amused and totally ready to learn how to perform real magic the class begins. Howie performs a number of magic tricks; shows the secret and how to perform it, then the kids get to practice the trick; after practicing, the kids get to show the parents in the room the new trick they just learned. Parents in the room will be asked to cover their ears when the secret of the trick is explained so they don't hear how the trick is done, this way all parents will be surprised when the trick is performed. Each child goes home with the tricks they learned and an instruction sheet so mom or dad can help them if they should forget how to perform the amazing tricks.

At the end of the class, as Howie signature illusion, he performs a trick that will produce a live rabbit which is always a highlight of any children's show Howie performs. The birthday child is the first to pet the rabbit and after that, the children are seated in a circle and all the children with the help of parents take turns petting the rabbit

Then the children are presented a Magic Class Magician Diploma, and while holding a magic wand and the diploma, Class Graduation Picture are taken complete with caps and gowns, Howie brings the caps and gowns, and parents at the party act as the photographers and take as many group and class pictures as they want.

A magic show and magic class where the child keeps the tricks and a live rabbit appears…The Howie Didit Magic Party is designed to be an event that will be remembered long after the cake and ice cream have been forgotten. Throw a Howie Didit Magic-Palooza Magic Show & Magic Class Party for your child! You'll be glad you did.

Call Howie toll free at 888.456.8787, or email Howie at now to book your party. Parents and Organizations can email for information on having magic classes for their larger community groups