Interested in presenting your child a rabbit for his birthday?

Howie has a great ending to the show

The last trick of the show a rabbit will appear; the child and the child’s parents will be called up to the stage; the rabbit will be handed to the parents for the presentation of the surprise gift rabbit.

Rabbits are great pets

Rabbits don’t make noise like a barking dog or howling cat. They are quiet, which makes for a good pet, especially for apartment dwellers

Rabbits can be trained to a litter box.

If your family doesn’t want to make a commitment to walk a dog, a rabbit can be a great alternative because they can be easily trained to use a litter box.

Rabbits are trainable.

Rabbits are very smart, they can be trained to come to you when called and some will engage their owners in a daily game of tag! Domestic rabbits are delightful companion animals. They are inquisitive, intelligent, sociable and affectionate. They tend to sleep during the day and are satisfied with being in their penned area. They are social animals that require attention, petting and stimulation just as much as a dog or cat; your child will find it relaxing to play with the rabbit and learn to care for it.

Rabbits Love to Snuggle.

If you love to have your pet sit on your lap while you watch TV or talk on the phone, a bunny is the perfect pet for you. They’ll sit with you for hours.

If you’ve decided to book Howie for your party, and would also like buy a pet rabbit for your family; you can contact Howie toll free at 888.456.8787 or email him:

Howie Didit is in compliance with all Animal Welfare Act (AWA) standards and regulations and has been issued the required permits by the United States Department of Agriculture to conduct activities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act and has been authorized by the USDA to use live animals in his performances. The rabbits used in the routines undergo yearly physicals by a Licensed Veterinarian in addition to USDA annual inspections. No animals are ever harmed in the stage performances; tricks are always preformed with regard to the rabbits comfort and safety